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Stage Monitor
2-Way Full Range, 1.4" x 15"
1200W  /  60Hz - 18.5kHz  /  70° x 50°
The SM852 is a two-way, full range, stage monitor designed for the most demanding touring applications. The design features a ported 15” McCauley 8244 Low-Mid driver and a 1.4” exit compression driver on a 70° x 55° horn.

The McCauley 8244 Low-Mid driver is built around a new field serviceable NdFeB motor with a 4.0” diameter, 0.7" dual voice-coil and integrated aluminum heat sink. The large heat sink allows for the fast removal of heat from the pole piece and yoke, directly into the enclosure and basket frame. The cone body is a highly damped, paper-epoxy composite, designed to reduce resonance and increase the gain before feedback. A new, computer optimized spider design, provides linear force over the full driver displacement range and better damping in the upper mid-range.

The coupling of the cone driver and high frequency waveguide has been specially engineered to produce a rich and fully balanced sound from 50 Hz to 18 kHz. The 1.4” exit high frequency compression driver features a 3” titanium diaphragm, a NdFeB motor, and a new surround design which reduces distortion at high power levels. The compression driver and horn are matched so not to have the typical wide resonance around the crossover region, which will lead to feedback on stage.

The SM852 has been designed from the ground up as a Passive product, requiring only a single channel of amplification. A manufacturer supplied 1.25ms FIR filter improves the off-axis response by linearizing the phase shift introduced by the network.

The SM852 enclosure features integrated handles and is light weight for easy transportation. Although it is light, the front baffle is supported by significant bracing and the enclosure is tuned for an over damped response, to suppress any resonance even at high power levels.

The enclosure of the SM852 is constructed of multi-ply void free birch plywood and is coated with a weather and wear resistant Pro Coat™ polyurea hybrid finish.

The SM852 is triple cut to allow use from three different angles on stage. Both Neutrik NL4 connectors are located in a recessed jack panel that allows the connection of multiple monitors to a single amplifier and prevents damage if the monitor is repositioned, or the cable is stepped on.

Components in the front of the enclosure are protected by a curved grill made from perforated steel that is coated with heat cured epoxy powder, and lined with acoustically transparent foam. The grill block is reinforced to prevent typical damage.

The SM852 is available as a single unit, or in mirrored pairs, and can be ordered with an optional pole-mount.
Lightwieght Neodymium Complement
Camera-Friendly Low Profile Design
Quick Release Grill
Curved Aesthetic
Dual Neutrik NL4 Connectors
Ergonomically-placed handles
Perforated Steel Grill
12-Ply Dadoed Construction
Durable ProCoat Elastomeric Finish

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