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Stage Monitor
2-Way Full Range, 1.4" x 12", Coaxial, Direct Radiating
1200W  /  75Hz - 18kHz  /  70° x 55°
The S12 is a two-way, full range, multipurpose stage monitor featuring a coaxial 12” loudspeaker with 1.4” exit compression driver mounted to a proprietary 70° x 55° waveguide. The coupling of the cone loudspeaker and high frequency waveguide has been specially engineered to produce a rich vocal presence with a nearly flat response from 75Hz – 18kHz. The S12 can be powered in either a bi-amplified or passive mode selectable from a jack panel switch. To simplify stage cable layout, an additional two NL4 connectors are available on the right and left side of the enclosure. Each S-series coaxial product has a versatile rigging system, a 35°, 55° and 75° stage monitor cut, and pole mount.

The McCauley Sound S series is a family of full bandwidth multipurpose loudspeakers engineered specifically for professional touring, staging and commercial applications. Each loudspeaker enclosure is optimized for superior sound quality and power handling while maintaining a very small footprint and low stage profile. Flush mounted, wrap-around grills are used on all S series products to reduce cabinet reflections. Each full range product offers switchable bi-amp and passive modes, a pole mount and various stage monitor cuts.

Two sub-woofer systems, with integrated pole mounts, are available for applications which demand increased low frequency.

The enclosure is constructed of 18mm 13-ply void-free birch plywood and is coated with a weather and wear resistant ProCoat™ polyurea hybrid finish. Loudspeaker components are protected by a perforated steel grill lined with acoustically transparent foam. The grill and rigging components are weather protected with a heat cured epoxy powder coat finish.
Additional Side Mounted NL4 Connectors
Low Distortion Touring Class Components
Multiple Stage Monitor Cuts
- Easy Grip Handles and Integrated Pole Mount
Flush Mount Wrap-Around Grill
Coaxial Point-Source Design
Switchable Passive to Biamp

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